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This model takes many of the final refinements of the ELX-1m and added them onto the EL-900 form factor. These features include polyphonic pedals, 230 voices and editable VA voices. It doesn't look like micro-tuning made it though.

This model also has the following additional voices: String 8, Syn Brass 4, Trombone 3, Timpani 2, Flute 3, Flute 4, Oboe 3, Oboe 4, English Horn 2, Bassoon 3, Clarinet 3, Syn.Lead 6, Syn.Lead 7, Tutti 8, Tutti 9, Tutti 10, Chorus 6, Chorus 7, Chorus 8, E.Piano 4, Elec.Bass 5, Syn.Bass 4, and Syn.Bass 5. This matches the ELX-1m.

An upgrade kit is even available to take an EL-900 up to EL-900m specs.

First Manufactured: 2000
Technology: Digital
98.00114.9055.60cm 103.00kg
38.5845.2421.89inches 227.07pounds
Amplification: 216 watts
Number of Voices: 230

16 Preset Memories 20 Note Pedalboard
49 Note Keyboards AWM2
Assignable Keyboard Percussion Built-in MDR
FM2 Horizontal Touch
Keyboard Percussion MIDI
Programmable Rhythm Rhythm Sequencer
To Host Connector Touch Tone
VA Voice Editing

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