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Conceived for theaters and similar use, the GX-1 set the electronic keyboard industry on it's ear. The first polyphonic synthesizer instrument of it's kind, it bridged the gap between organ and synthesizer. The velocity sensitive keyboards allowed true expression of the voices, a concept never before imagined in electronic organs. The smaller solo keyboard was pressure sensitive.

GX-1 voices were "programmed" onto matchbox sized cartridges. Each cartridge had 26 screw-sized dials on them to change the VCO, VCF, VCA and envelope of the voice. 70 cartridges in total were loaded into racks that emerged from the top of the console.

Shown in the images section is the rarely seen external Programming Module for the GX-1. It gave an artist the ability to tweak voices without having to deal with the tiny matchbox voice cartridges.

Also shown is the CS-80 synthesizer. This combo organ like instrument miniaturized the synthesis technology of the GX-1 in to a lighter single-keyboard stage instrument.

First Manufactured: 1975
Technology: Analog
114.00160.0080.00cm 327.00kg
44.8862.9931.5inches 720.9pounds
Amplification: Unknown
Number of Voices: 40

25 Note Pedalboard 61 Note Keyboards
Solo Keyboard Voice Editing

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