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The EL-90 was the first Electone to feature a built-in MDR, setting the trend for years to come.

This instrument refined FM synthesis voices from the HX/HS line, combining them with AWM waveform synthesis and more advanced expression and filtering techniques. The result was voices that sounded dramatically like that of the instruments they were meant to emulate. Cellos sounded like cellos, trumpets sounded like trumpets! Truly orchestrated Electone was born.

First Manufactured: 1991
Technology: Digital
98.00114.9055.60cm 104.50kg
38.5845.2421.89inches 230.38pounds
Amplification: 210 watts
Number of Voices: 87

16 Preset Memories 20 Note Pedalboard
49 Note Keyboards AWM1
Built-in MDR FM1
Keyboard Percussion MIDI
Programmable Rhythm Rhythm Sequencer
Touch Tone Voice Editing

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