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Designed to be the ultimate Electone instrument for it's time, this model is available in white with sycamore wood inlayed console, or black with dark walnut inlay console. The luxurious hardwood console panels were manufactured at the same plant that Lexus automotive hardwood panels were made.

The ELX-1 was the only Electone to feature the Solo Bar. An artist could switch to a Solo voice and back again by manipulating a touch-sensitive black bar that extended across the instrument, above the upper manual.

This model was the first Electone to have assignable keyboard percussion, pannable rhythm instruments and per voice effects sections. It also was the first to have two separate solo voice sections.

First Manufactured: 1992
Technology: Digital
110.70132.9060.80cm 127.20kg
43.5852.3223.94inches 280.43pounds
Amplification: 180 watts
Number of Voices: 151

16 Preset Memories 25 Note Pedalboard
61 Note Keyboards AWM1
AWM2 Assignable Keyboard Percussion
Built-in MDR FM1
FM2 Keyboard Percussion
MIDI Programmable Rhythm
Rhythm Sequencer Solo Bar
Touch Tone Voice Editing
ELX-1 in White with External Speakers

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