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Like the EL-700, the EL-500 lacks a few more of the bells and whistles from the EL-900 (VA, second solo voice, etc.) Voice quality suffers a bit but the number of voices and compatibility is retained.

To cut costs, this unit does not have full voice selection buttons for the second groups of voices. Players instead use "dot buttons" to select the second voice.

First Manufactured: 1999
Technology: Digital
98.00114.9055.60cm 83.00kg
38.5845.2421.89inches 182.98pounds
Amplification: 110 watts
Number of Voices: 173

16 Preset Memories 20 Note Pedalboard
49 Note Keyboards AWM1
Assignable Keyboard Percussion Built-in MDR
FM1 Keyboard Percussion
MIDI Programmable Rhythm
Rhythm Sequencer To Host Connector
Voice Editing XG

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